Solar power is a significant step toward energy independence and an important resource in preserving our environment and protecting our national security from dependence on foreign oil.

OneWattSolar makes it easy and affordable for any homeowner to take that step.

The One Watt Solar Program

One Watt Solar pays for, installs, owns and operates the Solar Residential Energy Unit (SHS).

All you do is pay a monthly rent that allows you to generate electricity from your panels at up to 50% less than you currently pay for your electricity or on Generator Cost. Moreover, this low rate is guaranteed for the length of your contract. You produce your own electricity and you keep the savings every month!

Here are some of the benefits:
  • Zero up-front investment. There are no out of pocket expenses to you.
  • No messy electricity wire lines, no waiting; One Watt Solar audit, obtains all permits and handles engineering, procurement and construction.
  • Instant energy savings. You pay a monthly rent to One Watt Solar and the solar power generated reduces your need for energy from the PHCN/Generators.
  • How much you save is based on the size of your solar system and your home’s energy usage.
  • No Acquisition Fever. Whereas the only way to use Solar power is to BUY with unimaginable high cost, now you Only pay a monthly token to use peaceful energy.
  • Hassle-free operating and maintenance. Since PV technology is extremely durable with no moving parts, little maintenance is needed. Any repairs or maintenance are included.
Is Your Home Right for Solar?

If you own your home, have open roof area and ample sunlight, you’re halfway there! Here are our main criteria:

  • Homeowner or Land Lord Guarantee (for Tenants)
  • Open roof space (ideally south facing)
  • Minimal shading
How Does the Sign-Up Process Work?

Going solar is one of the most exciting and rewarding decisions you can make for your household. With the no-risk approach to solar, professional site designers and installers, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance, OneWattSolar makes this experience truly hassle free.

Here’s how to get started:
  • Your solar Green Associate will need your comprehensive energy audit for 12-month electrical history to register your home in our system. This individual is your renewable energy partner and here to assist you throughout the process.
  • You can also go to And enter your information directly.
  • Upon registration in our system, you will receive a Solar Rental Agreement (SRA) to sign, along with the terms for your Residential Energy Unit (SHS).
  • When One Watt Solar is ready to install your system, a professional site design engineer comes to you to design the final system and obtain final approvals.
  • One Watt Solar engineers a SHS system that will meet your needs based on your electricity usage, obtains the permits, procures the equipment, installs the finest components available, and integrates it with your other utility sources.
  • One Watt Solar monitors your SHS electronically to make sure it performs at its optimum capability. We have a vested interest in the performance of your SHS. If it doesn’t generate electricity, you pay nothing!
  • At the end of each month, One Watt Solar will provide you with a bill that tells you how much electricity your SHS has generated.

OneWattSolar makes it easy and affordable for more homeowners to enjoy the benefits of solar power!

If you want to end BlackOut, stay safe from generator nuisance, save money on your electricity bill, help clean up the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen the renewable energy industry, support national security and energy independence–all while you yourself become energy independent and hedge against rising energy costs with a fixed-price rental contract–then sign up now and...

The solution is You!