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OneWattSolar makes it easy for it’s customers to acquire electricity through solar power without huge upfront costs!

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Become an Impact Investor

Out of 1000 companies only one will actually make it on average. Out of those, only a fraction is also sustainable.

Investing is a tough business with a steep learning curve. Start small, with an already established, green and transparent business and take it from there.

OneWattSolar helps Nigerians that can’t handle the high upfront cost of solar panels / batteries, installation, maintenance and is raising funds to scale.

The minimum investment starts as low as $100 which will give you 25 units of tokenized equity at $4 each.

Earn Healthy Return

An impact investor can earn up to 70% of monthly revenue, paid out quarterly.

Developer / Franchise

Innovative Blended Infratructure Finance

OneWattSolar is Developing A National Network Of Developers & Franchisees Technology Partners with portfolio of pipeline projects in the Rooftop and MiniGrid windows of investment; the Community Tokenize Equity will edge you from huge FX risk, currency fluctuation, Inflation, Unreasonable Interest rate and cost of capital, unreliable EOM exposure and technology risks;

Developers’ profile of verified and approved projects will receive investment over the OneWattSolar platform terms; when activated, developer will ensure the design and installation of the Hardware with full access to support and manage the system. Franchisees/Developer will own, manage and operate OneWattSolar SHS Systems for homeowners.

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OneWattSolar Business Opportunity equip you to Provide Pay-As-You-Go Solar Mini Grid Electricity to Energy Starved Nigerians looking for alternative - Your income and wealth will grow based on the number of KWp unit of Electricity that your customers use.

You are paid for Three (3) Results

Switch yourself
to solar power.
Switching people
to solar power.
Sponsor others
to join our company.

What is Nigeria’s Biggest Problem? - Electricity!

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