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The Problem

Corrupt privatization, an unreliable power grid, huge acquisition costs, skepticism, and the lack of know-how have caused solar electricity to remain inaccessible for the public.

There are huge energy deficits in Nigeria. The national grid is grossly inadequate to supply the energy demand of a fast-growing economy.

Many Nigerian homes and businesses are forced to produce their own energy through generators that run on diesel and petrol. Fossil-fuel power generation is expensive, noisy, strenuous, and significantly damage the environment.

The Solution

To end the ongoing energy supply crisis and provide sufficient clean energy reliably 24/7, the people need to be presented with a highly accessible alternative.

OneWattSolar pays for, installs, owns and operates the Solar Residential Energy Unit also known as Solar House System (SHS). Zero up-front investment. No out of pocket expenses.

Operational data is put onto a Blockchain and electricity is paid for with tokens. This ensures high efficiency and transparency for consumers, developers, investors and regulators.

Now, Electricity Access Is Free.
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Our vision is to create a strong, democratic, grass-roots movement to bring renewable energy to the masses and improve social, economic and environmental conditions in Africa.

Product Mission

We provide a solution for citizens to produce their own renewable energy, save money, and create a greener and more secure world for our children.


Our goal is to help OneWattSolar lead the renewable energy industry into supplying more than 1 million off-the-grid with PV for residential electricity production in Africa by 2025.

A reliable, clean supply of electricity.
24/7, all year round.

We are disrupting the incumbent market model through energy generation and assets distribution on energy as a service (EaaS) model.

Innovative funding model

Many people will adopt clean energy if they don’t have to pay upfront or take out a loan for the infrastructure. Our innovative solution funds the deployment of SHS to users without requiring them to make an upfront investment.

De-risking the Adoption of SHS

You get to experience the clean and environment-friendly features of solar energy at zero-risk to you. Since you won’t be paying for the solar home system infrastructure, you have nothing to lose if the system doesn’t provide you with consistently reliable energy.

Improved User Reflective Tariffs and Pricing

OneWattSolar’s architecture is able to support both fixed and dynamic pricing and a variety of flexible tariff structures to meet the specific demands of every market and business model. Customers have the option of choosing the plan best suited to them.

Superior Customer Service & Support

Engineer and maintenance personnel have access to all systems performance information in real time. Maintenance alerts, and other vital system information from the field, which streamlines workload management and customer support.

Virtual Account Management

OneWattSolar integrates hardware with a mobile money service system for customer payment processing, and remotely connects or disconnects a customer’s electricity depending on the account status. Homeowners can send inquiries and access hardware and account information via mobile.

Performance Backed Guarantee

Since you won’t be paying for the solar home system infrastructure, you have nothing to lose. Should the system not work, malfunction or break down e.g. due to a natural disaster or accident. You get to experience the clean and environment-friendly features of solar energy without risk.

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Here’s what happens when you adopt Solar Energy

You put a definite stop to generator noise, nuisance, & maintenance
You help clean up the environment & reduce greenhouse gas emissions
You hedge against rising energy costs with a fixed-price rental contract
You strengthen the renewable energy industry
You support national energy independence
Save up to 50% on your electricity bill

Our Global Partners

We bring together a large and diverse group of investors, technology firms, nonprofits, experts, utility providers and citizens from around the world, who want to work closely with us to build a robust digital solar infrastructure.