OneWattSolar provides Energy-As-A-Service by decentralizing the generation of electricity using Solar Home Systems (SHS). Whereas, other providers require you to bear the cost of the solar infrastructure upfront or in installments, OneWattSolar bears the ownership costs while you only pay for the electricity.

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No. OneWattSolar pays for, owns, installs, manages and maintains Solar Home Systems for its customers.

We know that you’ve probably only seen solar systems powering street lamps and PICO lanterns. OneWattSolar provides high-capacity SHS that can effortlessly power your home, business, or organization.

With 1 Kilowatt, 3 Kilowatt, 5 Kilowatt, 7 Kilowatt, and 10 Kilowatt systems. There’s something for every household size.

We will conduct an energy audit to determine how much electricity you currently consume and how what your electricity demand is likely to be in future. The size of your SHS is determined after the comprehensive energy audit.

Our customers pay a monthly energy access fee. The monthly payment is based on the size of your SHS.

Yes. The energy fee is a fixed monthly payment.

OneWattSolar’s SHS guarantees you on-demand electricity.

OneWattSolar systems can co-exist in a hybrid structure with your existing grid or generator sources. In reality, you won’t be needing other forms of energy once you have a OneWattSolar SHS installed on your property.

Your solar energy access fees will deliver at least 50% cost savings over grid or generator power. Your access fee is also fixed for the duration of your contract even when the cost of grid electricity or fuels for generator increases.

Nigeria enjoys huge amount of daily sunshine hours. You’ll definitely be able to experience solar energy at its finest. However, the inclination of your roof, shading, and other variable factors could determine if solar energy will be effective in your property. Click Is My Roof Right for Solar to find out more.

We are leveraging Blockchain technology first as a crowdfunding solution to de-risk the adoption of solar energy for our customers. Blockchain technology provides transparency along the value chain from our investors, technical partners, customers, and other stakeholders in our ecosystem.

One of the key features of our AI and Blockchain-powered architecture is that it provides an immutable data stream of the state of all our SHS in real time. In the rare event that your system fails, we would receive an alert even before you get on the phone to call customer support. Our proactive technical support team will respond to get your system back online speedily.