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Government Energy Deregulation Is Here

Join our Green Associate Business and Tap into a $10Billion Annual Energy Market Starting Today;

  • No Degree or Certificate Needed
  • No Permit or license Required
  • No Upfront Inventory or Capital Required
  • No Technical or Engineering Skill Needed
  • No third Party Approval or Validation Required.

OneWattSolar has a huge vision of Delivering Free Solar Electricity to the masses, and Requires a partnership with you; to play a key role in changing the way energy is produced and distributed around the world.

OneWattSolar Business Opportunity equip you to Provide Pay-As-You-Go Solar Mini Grid Electricity to Energy Starved Nigerians looking for alternative - Your income and wealth will grow based on the number of KWp unit of Electricity that your customers use.

You are paid for Three (3) Results

Switch yourself
to solar power.
Switching people
to solar power.
Sponsor others
to join our company.

There is no cost to join our Solution; the Only Investment you will ever made is Time - OneWattSolar Provide you with the tools and resources to start your Own Green Associates Business; You must commit to learn and do as your income and knowledge grow. Associates can use the smart, easy-to-use support system designed to provide the business-building tools, guidance and unlimited training to achieve greater results. This support is absolutely free.

Come to think of it —almost about everybody uses electricity or Fossil generators on a daily basis. That’s why Associates who start a business with OneWattSolar have a strong advantage over traditional network marketing opportunities. Simply by helping friends, family and new contacts choose the right Solution. Energy Associates have the potential to begin earning residual income immediately.

Plus, the investment to get started is minimal and there is never a renewal fee. And since there are no supplement, lotions, potions, pills or powders to stock, inventory and delivery, our associate save on costs, avoid hassle and can focus on effectively reaching new customers.

What is Nigeria’s Biggest Problem? - Electricity!

We’ve got It and the Solution is Free.

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