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Our mission huge thereby a significant amount of funding at a large-scale is required to facilitate its growth to large scale and onboard Home Owners, Entrepreneurs or Green Associates and other key partners into Our Ecosystem.

Huge Vision Demands Crazy Bet & Gut

The Problem

Corrupt Privatization, Opaque Data Crises, Huge Hardware Cost, Complicated and Expensive Asset finance Limits Access to Wide Spread Adoption of Solar Electricity in Africa.

The Solution
Energy Access in the 21st Century Require Disruption of the Incumbent By Creating a Digital Decentralized Generation & Distribution Assets Through Citizen Enabled Model.
OneWatt Solar Blockchain Backed Ecosystem Aggregate Data and Behavior to Mimic Patterns that Helps Build Trust and Transparency for Investors, Developers and Consumers to Create Healthy Outcomes for unlocking GigaWatt Electricity to power a Billion People Starved and Excluded.

Now, Electricity Access Is Free. Join The Solution


Our vision is to create a strong, democratic, grass-roots movement to bring renewable energy to the masses and improve social, economic and environmental conditions in Africa.

Product Mission

We provide a solution for citizens to produce their own renewable energy, save money, and create a greener and more secure world for our children.


Our goal is to help OneWattSolar lead the Renewable Energy industry into supplying more than 1million Offgrid PV for Residential Electricity Production in Africa by 2025



The Digital age demands a new set of rules at ensuring fast, reliable and scalable energy access. Connectivity is achieved by eliminating today’s barriers and factors that keep million of residential customers away from the energy block. Progress in Clean Energy access requires a keen grip on consumer education, technology reliability revenue collection (Tariff) and Monitoring.

Virtual Account management

OneWattSolar with its Hardware integrates with any mobile money service for customer payment processing, and remotely connects or disconnects a customer’s electricity depending on the account status. Home Owner can query OneWattSolar Hardware for account information via mobile phone USSD service, and operations personnel can set criteria that trigger automated customer alerts when met.

Improved User Reflective tariffs and pricing

OneWattSolar supports architecture is able to support both fixed and dynamic pricing and a variety of flexible tariff structures to meet the specific requirements of every market and business model. Customers could have the option of choosing the most convenient plan best suited. An auto pause and resume features is available in the future development.

24/7 Online monitoring

The entire OneWattSolar Hardware is run by CHIOMA’s intelligent layers of interconnected set of parameters; this helps OneWattSolar to collects meaningful system performance data which can be displayed on a dashboard so that problems are easily located. When a fault or breakdown arrises, the support team are able to quickly analyze and close up in response time.

Superior Support

The Engineers and maintenance personnel have access to customers and System performance information real time with access customer account data, maintenance alerts, and other vital system information from the field, which streamlines workload management and customer support.

Data Mining

CHIOMA makes access to an array of data analysis and visualization possible to the support team and with tools that display; Intelligent data comparisons, detailed consumption patterns, credit information, financial performance, and many other valuable metrics across countries, regions, or villages become the information bedrock for performance and decision making.

Electricity Ownership Is Plural

We Are Now Living at a Moment Of Truth - If the Citizen in Africa Must Experience Electricity at Their Lifetime, It Will not Come from the Government Or the Big Power Grid.
The New Democratic Digital Electricity Will Be Modular, Fast to Deploy, Monitor and Integrate - It Will be the Cheapest Form of Energy in the History of World - It Will be Citizen Self Regulated!

Excellent Designs

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Fully Responsive

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User Friendly

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Free Updates

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Our Global Partners

We bring together a large and diverse group of investors, Technology Firms, Nonprofits, Experts, Utility Providers and Citizens from around the world, who want to work closely with us to build robust and Democratic Decentralized Digital Solar Infrastructure Ecosystem.